BTA Diploma Level 1 (BTAL1)

The BTA Diploma is an industry -recognised qualification, certified by The Business Travel Association and endorsed by the industry's market leaders, as well as NCFE.

It is considered the "gold standard" training programme by leading Travel Management Companies and their representing body, The BTA.

The e-learning platform powered by Travilearn offers learners a powerful new way to learn all about the business travel industry. Training is introduced via high quality videos, visuals and presentations.

Learners can then test their knowledge with interactive quizzes that offer helpful responses and the opportunity to try again if an answer is wrong.

Every module has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through interaction and visible learning. Each module tells a story, step-by-step, with challenges, case studies and assignments along the way, testing and building the learner’s understanding.

Upon successful completion of their courses, the learner will then take a final exam which leads to a formal certification and qualification.

NB: Special Rates apply for BTA Members

A wider range of skills and experience are required for this dynamic industry and this introductory course is an essential foundation, for those wanting to pursue a career in business travel and travel management.

Upon completion of Introduction to Corporate Travel Management: Level 1 you will be able to:

1. Define the role that travel has played in our history, trade and industry, and globalisation. (Module 1)

2. Explain the structure of the business travel sector and explain the role of the key suppliers and their relationship with clients and intermediaries. (Module 2)

3. Describe what travel distribution is and how it is evolving rapidly in the business travel sector. (Module 2)

4. Identify the role that the Travel Management Company plays in helping organisations control and manage their travel programs. (Module 3)

5. Explain the benefits of a managed travel program and the value the TMC brings to the relationship. (Module 4)

6. Understand what the TMC value proposition is and how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. (Module 5).

Level 1 is recommended for:
- Leisure travel staff transitioning to the corporate travel sector
- Staff of industry partners working with TMCs and corporate clients
- Travel & Tourism students considering a corporate travel career
- Existing corporate travel staff wanting to progress to Level 2 and 3
  • BTA Diploma: Introduction
  • Tips and Navigation Guidance
  • Gamification and how to build your overall score
  • Before you begin...
  • Level 1: Module 1
  • Module 1: Why Business Needs Travel
  • Test: Module 1
  • How to work with assignments
  • Assignment: Module 1
  • Level 1: Module 2
  • Module 2: How is the industry structured?
  • Test: Module 2
  • Assignment: Module 2
  • Level 1: Module 3
  • Module 3: Role of the Travel Management Company
  • Test: Module 3
  • Assignment: Module 3
  • Level 1: Module 4
  • Module 4: The Corporate Travel Program
  • Test: Module 4
  • Assignment: Module 4
  • Level 1: Module 5
  • Module 5: The TMC Value Proposition
  • Test: Module 5
  • Assignment: Module 5
  • Feedback Survey: Level 1
  • Feedback Survey: Level 1
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed