Sales Management Fundamentals

This course is for learners who have completed the Account Management Masterclass.

Prospective clients priorities have shifted overnight, as they face new and unexpected challenges. Just like our industry they too have had to scale back, adjust projections, initiate layoffs and furloughs, and freeze budgets and spend.

With all but essential travel stopped, this is a challenging sales environment requiring better skilled sales professionals more than ever. At the same time, many travel buyers have had to completely change their purchasing approach, as it will take some time for their executives, decision makers and budget holders to get a handle on their organisation's financial position.

However, with more time on their hands many travel buyers are using this opportunity to review their contracts earlier than usual - sales are being made. Those that want to succeed in this new environment must listen to the buyers, address the challenges presented and come up with the solutions. The sales teams that do will be ahead of the pack.

In this course you will learn more about the key skills involved in corporate sales management and how to apply them in your role. Pre-requisites for this course are successful completion of 3 preceding courses:

- The History of Travel
- Future Value of the TMC
- The Customer is King

This course includes a multiple choice test on all 4 courses and an assignment. Upon successful completion of the test and the assignment, you will be awarded a Diploma in Corporate Sales Management, certified by The Business Travel Association (BTA).
  • The Key to Successful Management
  • Corporate Sales Management Masterclass: Test
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Corporate Sales Management Masterclass: Test "