Account Management 101

This course is intended for learners who have completed the Sales Management Masterclass.

Account management is a key role within travel management that goes beyond sales to encompass building strategic, mutually beneficial relationships between the TMC and its key customers. Their role is to build trust between the two organisations by focusing on value, engaging the right stakeholder and developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the customer.

Account managers are consultants who are experts in their business and good at problem-solving. Their focus is on educating their customers rather than selling to them. Successful account management involves strong leadership and management skills, as well as business acumen to understand financial information as well as their company’s operations and strategy.

In this course you will learn more about the key skills involved in managing key accounts and how to apply them in your role. Pre-requisites for this course are successful completion of Sales Management Masterclass.

This course includes a multiple choice test.
  • The Key to Successful Management
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed