Stay Competitive: Improve Your Business Acumen (BAIAC)

What is business acumen? An individual who has strong business acumen will understand how businesses make money, how their role contributes to this and how to recognise and make good decisions. When faced with challenges, they are able to appreciate the wider business environment, and what influences it.

‚ÄčIn the business travel sector, at this time of crisis, you need to be able to fully understand the information you have access to. If you appreciate the wider business environment, and what influences it, you will be able to fully understand the information you have access to both internally and externally. If not, there is a risk that you will make decisions, that with hindsight, were not the right ones. Whether you are furloughed and not sure of your position, or made redundant, the decisions you make now must be based on knowledge, personal resilience and foresight.

Business acumen will make an enormous difference in your career, whether you are looking to progress internally, or looking for new roles within the industry. No matter what role you work in, commercial awareness is useful and is a key personal advantage if you want to get ahead in the business travel sector. With it, you will make more sensible, well-informed decisions. Without it, you may struggle to be taken seriously or may be perceived as "unworldly".

In this course you will learn a lot more about the industry that you belong to, both in your immediate environment and the wider external landscape. This includes the increasingly extreme and unpredictable nature of changes in the business travel industry, particularly during and after the pandemic crisis.

Key learning objectives:

Improving your knowledge of the business travel industry
Developing your wider business knowledge - domestically and globally
Researching and analysing the key drivers that create a demand for business travel
Development of your understanding of new and successful business models
Following political, social, economic, technological and environmental developments
  • Introduction
  • Tips & Navigation
  • Business Acumen in a Crisis
  • Business Acumen: Test
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed