Next Gen Digital Skills (DIGBTP)

None of us are in any doubt that the travel industry was one of the first to be disrupted by creative destruction, caused by the information revolution and digital technologies. We are now faced with a pandemic destruction and, like before we have to work our way efficiently through this next phase.

In the "New Normal" business travel suppliers (and the industry in general) will need to modify and evolve entrenched legacy systems and business processes - and they must now embrace digital technologies or be confined to the history books.

Focus has had to immediately shift from activities around growth, branding, and quick returns to the urgent steps needed to ensure business continuity and resilience. This shift to focus on business continuity also creates an opportunity to work in parallel on the future business model, to ensure that business travel suppliers remain competitive post COVID-19.

This crisis has just made disruption very real, and has put a spotlight on the gaps in operations and technical investments. It is now critical for all businesses in our sector to start thinking more urgently about their technology and digital capabilities. This is not for 'nice to have' thinking. It means starting, continuing or accelerating the focus on, and investment in, customer, operations, technology transformation and training.

The business traveller was already better informed, better connected and more demanding than ever before, and COVID-19 has just magnified this. Business travel suppliers will need to reshape their business models to respond to changing client needs. Employees must be with equipped with the tools to enable efficient, effective and, more importantly impactful new ways of working.

In this course, you will learn how the TMC must transform the organisation, people, culture and adoption of digital technology to create a new face of Travel Management. They must establish themselves as leaders in providing services enabled by advanced technologies.

You are the industry's future leaders, the ones that will be energised by the unknown, resilient in the face of uncertainty and that will strive to look and find solutions.

Are you ready? Then let's take your next step to future-proofing your digital skills to future-proof your business travel career.
  • Introduction
  • Digital Technology Trends
  • Future Proof Your Digital Skills
  • Creative Destruction: Test
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed