Business Travel Professional

Level 2 Diploma: 21st Century Travel Management (BTPL219)

In Level 1, we discussed how travel management companies needed to remain competitive and continuously differentiate themselves from their competitors. Which is what every business should do...however, there is the added dynamic of "creative destruction", which impacts some industries more than others.

There is no doubt that the travel industry is one of those disrupted by the latest round of creative destruction, caused by the information revolution and technologies, such as computing, the internet, mobile telephony and information technology. However, there are economists who debate mainstream thought. They argue that this revolution, unlike those before, may be different - namely, the destruction component may outweigh creation.

In this wave of creative destruction, only the fittest will survive, and there is every reason to believe that the TMC will still be around in 2025 and beyond - if they work their way efficiently through the destruction phase. Increasingly the TMC has to justify it's existence and they do this be demonstrating their ongoing value to existing and potential clients.

In Level 2, we dive deeper into the role the TMC plays in creating value to their clients. Over 5 modules, you will explore and learn: the principles of competitive travel management, how TMCs increase their productivity (and reduce client costs), how they deliver world-class customer service and how they effectively manage industry partnerships.
  • Gamification and how to build your overall score
  • How to work with assignments
  • Module 1:Step Back to Look Forward
  • Module 1:Assignment 1
  • Module 1: Assignment 1 (submission)
  • Module 2: Strategic Value of the TMC
  • Module 2: Assignment 2
  • Module 2: Assignment 2a
  • Module 2: Test
  • Module 2: Research
  • Module 3: Competitive Travel Management
  • Module 3: Assignment 3
  • Module 3:Test
  • Module 4: The Client is King
  • Module 4: Assignment 4
  • Module 4: Assignment 4a
  • Module 4: Test
  • Module 5: Corporate Travel to 2025
  • Assignment 5: Module 5
  • Module 5: Test 5
  • Feedback Survey: Level 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed