Business Travel Professional

Level 3 Diploma: Lead, Engage, Transform (BTPL3)

In Level 2, you explored and learned how the TMC remains competitive in an industry disrupted by creative destruction caused by technology and an increasing number of new competitors. You also learned how the TMC has evolved so that they continue to deliver world-class customer service and differentiate their value to both corporate clients, business travellers and key industry partners.

In Level 3 you will escalate your knowledge of the business travel sector with a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, the global economy, business management and leadership. As future leaders of this industry your insights and ideas will help to shape it's path and this course is designed to inspire your imagination and encourage you to explore new ideas and ways to exist in a turbulent, but exciting phase in the business travel sector.

Business travel suppliers (and the industry in general) will need to deliver specialisation and personalisation that can be scaled. They will need to modify and evolve entrenched legacy systems and business processes - and they must embrace digital technologies or be confined to the history books.

In this course you will expand your understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution and how the service sector must learn from the revolution experienced by the manufacturing industry, who spectacularly adapted to and embraced technological disruption. You will learn how the TMC must transform the organisation, people, culture and adoption of digital technology to create Travel Management 4.0 in order to establish themselves as leaders in providing services enabled by advanced technologies.

Our industry needs future leaders that are energised by the unknown, resilient in the face of uncertainty and strive to look and find solutions.

Are you ready? Then let's take your final step to achieving your Diploma in Corporate Travel Management and your first step into building a successful career in business travel management.
  • Module 1: Review of Level 2, 21st Century Travel Management
  • Module 1 Assignment
  • Assignment 1A
  • Module 2: Evaluating the Market
  • Module 2: Test
  • Module 2: Assignment 2
  • Module 3: The Key to Successful Management
  • Module 3: Assignment 3
  • Module 3: Test
  • Module 4: Final Frontier, Service 4.0
  • Module 4: Test
  • Module 4: Assignment 4
  • Module 5: Travel Management Transformed
  • Module 5: Test
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed